JavaScript Xperiments by Alex Demin

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Here're my experiments with algorithms, colors, images, and computations. Everything is open-source.

↓ 2022

How-To Search Engine Every Request Starts With “How To”

This small joke works on Preact. It allows disabling “How To,” which makes it universal. Your personal search counter is free!

howTOogle logo

↓ 2019

Parallel 1D A Helper for Parallel Computations on One-Dimensional Arrays for JavaScript

Screen shot

↓ 2018

Number to Color A High-Performance Number to Bright Color Converter

Screen shot

↓ 2017

RGB filter Image Processing and GIF Generator in a Browser for Old Fashion Stylizing

Screen shot

Griffeath’s machine Cyclic Cellular Automaton

The experiment allows switching optimization methods for calculations, including GPU-based and web workers.

Screen shot

Red Squares React-Redux Game Experiment with Support of AI Written on JS

It's extensible and allows bots switching.

Screen shot

State Control An NPM Package for Displaying and Direct Updating State for Prototypes on React

Screen shot

↓ 2016 pixel dino icon

Zero Packer Encoding Strings with Any Set of Characters

Screen shot